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The Burton New Zealand Open

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized


This year the Burton New Zealand Open will return once more to Cardrona Alpine Resort, where it all began… 8 years ago! The NZ Open marks the start of the 2012 Burton Global Open Series, known to all as a northern and southern hemisphere season-spanning spectacle of shred. It’s also one of the first Swatch TTR 5-Star events (a high ranking competition in the “Ticket to Ride” World Snowboard Tour) in the international snowboard calendar.

Each year the NZO attracts professional snowboarders from around the world due to its high profile status within the world snowboard events calendar. It’s a chance for them to showcase an often new bag of tricks learnt in the northern hemisphere or during the off-season in between. The 2009 NZO marked the beginning of the half-pipe double cork craze as Shaun White blew away the competition with his newly expanded bag of tricks. The competition is also a great chance for new shred talent to establish itself, case in point being that of 14-year old Japanese rider Taku Hiraoka whose smooth, fluid style and massive amplitude led to him gaining an unexpected, but well-deserved, 2nd place finish.

Of course it’s not all about the pipe, the NZO also includes a slopestyle competition to rival any of those hosted in the Northern Hemisphere. Last year’s competition saw the standard progress once more with unbelievably technical rail wizardry and some huge spins thrown in for good measure.

This year’s event is sure to be another big one for progression. The northern hemisphere season has seen double cork 1260s become the norm and the must have trick du jour is now the triple cork 1440… expect to see double corks all over the place at this year’s competition and maybe even a triple if the course is big enough!

Bring on August 12th!

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One love.

On Saturday 14th May shredders flocked in their droves to the mecca of snowboarding that is The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead for the SCUK Spring Bash. There were fully grown shreds and groms alike tearing up the awesome all-day park setup that Hemel’s shaping team, the DWA (Diggers with Attitude), had built especially for the event.

During the day discounted coaching sessions were available for those that wanted to work on their freestyle skills, these were provided by the ever skilled Maverix and Definition coaches who worked tirelessly from 8am all the way through to the end… now that’s commitment! The sessions ranged from those geared towards riders taking their very first steps into the freestyle world, to those that were aimed at the more experienced shredder trying to get their spins on lock. As always these were extremely well received and very useful!

The park setup was a progressive array of boxes, rails, jibs, bonks, stalls, with some kickers thrown in to boot! There really was something for everyone; from beginner ride-on boxes to a formidable barrel tap and the notorious Hemel rainbow rail.

After the day’s open session was over it was time for the evening’s activities to begin, so with the tunes pumping and the SCUK boys out on the slope, the open jam began! Features were picked at random for riders to show off their newly found skills on and bucket loads of on-the-spot prizes were given out to reward the best tricks, biggest smiles, and for general entertainment value (to the dude who tried to frontflip off the mini kicker – I salute you). This combined with the awesome setup and a strict ‘no snaking’ rule fostered a great atmosphere with everyone encouraging each other to try new tricks and progress their own riding. Having worked as a snowboard instructor at Hemel in the past it was great to see such a large group of riders turning out for the event and being rewarded for their efforts too!

Events like the SCUK Spring Jam, in this writer’s opinion, are what the UK scene (and snowboarding in general) needs to see more of. Riders were encouraged, whatever their level, to come down and shred, to learn something new, and have fun… which is what it’s all about when it comes down to it.

Thanks SCUK!

This sick offering from Red Bull is an awesome take on the mini rail shredits that we’ve seen popping up all over the internet for the past few years.

This short clip, featuring red bull rail maestro Forest Bailey, takes us back to the good ol’ days of button bashing away those after school hours in front of the SNES, playing Mortal Kombat round a friends house because mum thought it was too violent…